December 24, 2016

Lil Stick-Up - Solo Tape (1994)

I don't have too many Memphis rap listening binges anymore, but I happened to pop this tape on directly after hearing the Lord Infamous solo. It's only when I juxtapose the styles like this I realize just how different the Triple 6 aesthetic was from those under DJ Squeeky's wing (I'll lump Tommy Wright and Shawty Pimp affiliates in with that Gangsta Shit/Orange Mound Records style as well). Spearheaded by DJ Paul and Lord Infamous, the early Triple 6 "movement" definitely takes on a more outsider feel with its ultra-low budget and spooky and endearing lack of experience. Even though by 1994, the Triple 6 Mafia was already leagues more advanced than their material the previous year, you can hear how much cleaner and tactical DJ Squeeky's production is at its best. I'm not saying he's better than Paul and Juicy, but there's no denying that his clean kick and bass programming is perfect for the quickest, nastiest pimp'n mob lyrics coming from the likes of Criminal Manne, Primo, Buckshots, and the headliner for this particular solo tape, Lil Stick-Up. Stick-Up has a sick alias, a dirty voice, incredible precision on the mic and absolutely destroys the pieces he gets from Squeeky; what more could a Memphis hip hop fan ask for? The tape is concise at just a 30 minute run time and I know some people love that brevity. I kind of like the way Squeeky puts in the short interludes between almost all of the tracks--like he's hosting his own radio show. If I'm remembering correctly, I think he does that on the Buckshots tape as well. The Stick-Up tape doesn't seem to be as readily available as the other Gangsta Shit and II Thick solo junts, and because of that it doesn't get the props it deserves. Check it out, this thing is bumpin.

Lil Stick-Up Solo