December 24, 2016

Lord Infamous - Lord Of Terror (1993)

Lord Of Terror is one of the earlier Triple 6 Mafia [not even formed yet] recordings; recorded probably a few months before the first Come W/Me 2 Hell tape. The production techniques aren't as advanced as that other album, but the extra spooky grittiness fits Lord Infamous's demented verses well. Scarecrow actually isn't one of my favorite rappers from Memphis, but some of his dopest verses are found on his solo tape and after listening I can't deny how massive of an influence he had on Memphis hip hop from here on out. He kicks mob-style murder rhymes that the Orange Mound rappers had already made popular, but mostly he comes correct with his unique style of abstract devil shit. The raps on Drag Em To The River are some of the hardest and strangest lyrics coming out of Memphis at the time and are some of the most representative Scarecrow writings. Also, as simple as this is compared to his later works, I have to give credit to Paul for his choice of sample mixing. I also like how much he involves the turntables on the album, something he would use less and less the more he got used to the SP1200. Not 100% sure if DJ Paul Volume 12 or Lord Of Terror came first, but with these two tapes, DJ Paul and Lord Infamous (Serial Killaz) proved that they were for real and were ready to form their own posse to compete with their Orange Mound rivals; II Thick and Gangsta Shit.


Lord Of Terror [Lord Infamous Solo Tape]