December 25, 2016

SpaceGhostPurrp - Alize (2012)

SpaceGhostPurrp is the only artist I've heard since DJ Screw's death to bring a chopped and screwed mix this original and extraordinary. I've listened to a handful of the Michael Watts remixes and even random Datpiff chopped and slowed remixes for novelty reasons, but none of those have thoroughly excited me. I see nothing epic in simply slowing down and chopping songs with no dirty layering or romantic transitions to speak of. SpaceGhostPurrp builds his take on a Screw session from the ground up, only focusing on what sounds good to him--kind of like he didn't even know who DJ Screw was when he was making this mix. Alize is a half-hour set of contemporary R&B, most similar in track selecion to the all R&B Chapter 016: Late Night Fuckin Yo Bitch. The mix is soft and otherworldy, but never strays off course from its G'd up, purrped out mission. Purrp's subtle use of background effects like far-away sirens, fuzz, and echoes is tasteful and is the perfect small dash of his own style to take this mix up to the heavens. I would have loved for him to double the Alize runtime, but sometimes that brevity is nice for when you don't have the attention span for a 2 hour Screw tape. This mix shows just how versatile and talented SpaceGhostPurrp is and will remain a cult classic for a long, long time.


Alize Mix