January 28, 2017

Apoc Krysis - Volume 2 (2017)

Apoc Krysis debuted his first solo material late last year and has already become a dope sensation in Memphis hip hop revivalism. I've finally started to grow an appreciation for the phonk scene (my definition of phonk is dark, odd trap with heavy bass and plenty of references to 90s dirty south rap and g-funk), but even so I gravitate more towards the rawer shit as true to the 90s as it can be without flat out biting those artists--Apoc Krysis brings just that. He generally doesn't shy away from keeping his hi-hats and snares loud in the mix and I that's step one in achieving the old dirty atmosphere. I'm not sure if he did a real clean tape rip to get the throwback underground quality or not, but his distortion levels come through nice as fuck; especially on that whistle synth riding through the track with Frost and Holocaust. Those two featured rappers come real clean and have both shown huge improvements since the last time I've heard either of them. Mista Frvst always sounds fresh on muddy beats and Holocaust finds a sick rhythm to roll with for his verse. Apoc Krysis' kicks-n-bass roll real nasty whether he's on some Shawty Pimp-type bump or the heavy DJ Paul bass synth progressions; that's the bread and butter for making these kinds of tapes catchy and phonky and you best believe he delivers 100%. I would have loved to hear him let these individual mixes ride out longer. It seems he prefers that J Dilla - Donuts type of thing to keep the tape moving. Y'all know I'm all about that Niggaz Ain't Barrin That/Purple Thang kind of repition and that's the only reason I say that he should let them ride out a few minutes longer. I think these concise mixes can also benefit from some spamming of shorter, one to two word vocal chops as well just to keep it jumping a little harder, but that's my personaly preference. The bottom line is that Volume 2 is some raw and trill ass shit you go to at midnight when you're crossfaded as a motherfucker. He makes it obvious how talented he is with arranging, melodies, and effects and I'm hype to hear more of what he's got in the future.

Volume 2