January 25, 2017

Chamillionaire - Mix Tape Messiah 2

I can't remember what/when it was exactly, but I more-or-less wrote off Chamillionaire in one of my reviews a while back (possibly my writeup for Lil Flip's The Leprechaun). I only heard a few of his and Paul Wall's hits (and this was years ago) and from that alone I assumed he was just a radio-oriented rapper piggybacking on 2000s Houston slackerism. I think he was too old for me to gravitate towards as an artist of my generation, but not throwback enough for me to include in my regular 90s gangsta rap prowls. Thanks to old Rap City videos, I've recognized Chamillionaire as a very worthy successor to the classic Screwed Up Click lineup. His flow is smooth and very easy to listen to, but he is also very efficient in clearly articulating each syllable--actually letting out a bit of East coast flair as a result. We've all heard A$AP Rocky's shoutouts to Houston, but I don't think there's a rapper to influence the cloud rap god as much as Chamillionaire. There is so much similarity in their stop-n-go's on some tongue-twisting, switchbacking punchlines and it's really awesome to hear. This is the first full Chamillionaire project I've heard, so I can't compare it to his other works, but I can undoubtedly say Mix Tape Messiah 2 is one of the prime examples of a mid 2000s mixtape. Maybe this isn't quite on the level of the Z-Ro, Lil Wayne, Clipse, and Boosie tapes, but if you're a fan of any of those three, then this will be a rewarding listen.


Mix Tape Messiah 2