January 22, 2017

Frayserclick - Broken Halo (1995)

I can't confidently declare Broken Halo as the best Frayserclick junt, but it is one of the best places for someone to start exploring Memphis hip hop. Similar to Dreamworld or Mystic Stylez, Broken Halo is one of those album-like Memphis tapes that is more-or-less tied together by a central concept. It doesn't take long to recognize that the central theme is strictly devil and horror shit. The first track is a slow, lengthy posse cut with the click rapping on some creepy ass beat about the devil possessing them to do crimes and shit like that--really sets the tone for the album (by the way the Nigga Creep verse on that is one of my favorites of all time). Broken Halo is nearly all slow to mid tempo tracks and each of them has a horror film sample. Combine that with perhaps the most consistently violent lyrics from the Frayserclick and you have a very ideal and representative Memphis rap tape. The rapping and lyrics are close to impeccable and the instrumentals are crazy, surreal, and inventive--someone in the comment box called this a masterpiece, and I totally respect that call. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Broken Halo might be the final full-length DJ Sound project before he stepped away from the music scene; if it is, then damn did he go out with a bang.


Broken Halo