January 19, 2017

J-Mack - Crime Rate (1996)

People talk and talk about the Memphis and midwestern rappers popping off with the triple tongue delivery in the early 90s, but nobody seems to hear me when I bring Sacramento to the conversation. Crime Rate was released in 1996, so of course this rapping style wasn't as fresh as it was even 2 years before. Even so, J-Mack is a disciple of the central rappers in his city and does a lot of justice to the fast flow. His rhythm stays on top of things and isn't as colorful and dynamic as somebody like Brotha Lynch Hung or B.O.N.E., but he makes up for this by staying true to a steady delivery--reminding me a lot of Eightball at times. I could see how J-Mack's voice could get overbearing if Crime Rate was an hour long tape, but this wraps up nicely around just a half hour. The instrumentals are the main takeaway for me; all outstanding slow and mid-tempo g-funk tracks centered around rhodes chords. J-Mack was later a part of JT's label, but this first solo joint by him is his main attraction. If you have any love for northern California rap, please take a half hour out of your day and give this a listen.