January 15, 2017

MC Money & Gangsta Gold - Da Hard Ov Frayser (1995)

By 1995 DJ Sound had some of the busiest, layered sampling in Memphis hip hop, and this made for some of the most surreal tapes underground rap has to offer. In spite of his demented vocal chops and horror theme samples, Sound rudders his music with strictly gangsta kicks and 808 bass on the level of rhythm geniuses Shawty Pimp and Juicy J. MC Money and Gangsta Gold are two female rappers with a solid number of appearances on other Frayserclick tapes. The duo has rhythm, but doesn't get down in the beat like how fellow Frayser rapper Player 1 would; instead they bring far-out, almost slurring flows which are equally effective in representing a DJ Sound beat. If the featured emcees weren't women, I feel like there would be more Memphis hip hop fans claiming this as the best Frayserclick junt--not saying the male-dominated Memphis fanbase doesn't have love for all the innovative and dope female rappers the city has to offer, but they might relate more to albums/compilations like Crime Rate Sky High and Broken Halo.


Da Hard Of Frayser