January 11, 2017

SpaceGhostPurrp - NASA: The Mixtape (2010)

The NASA Mixtape is the one of the first works in the great SpaceGhostPurrp mixtape portfolio. He's sustained an impressive career, but after revisiting a ton of his work over the past few weeks I've easily made up my mind that NASA is, and always has been, my favorite album of his. Even though the tape just barely makes it to 20 minutes, it proves itself to be one of the most well-rounded, creative, and influential albums of the past 10 years. This is before Purrp couldn't quite find a place to fit in, before he was obsessing over what he thought his fans wanted him to be, before his album on 4AD was panned by the mainstream, and before he was over-associated with Memphis hip hop. What I love about this mixtape is how there are little to no boundaries; sure, the album is tied together with swaggin' interent rap motifs and an 80s nostalgia theme, but nothing feels restricted or overly commited to one style--something I think can be one of SpaceGhost's weaknesses (that statement is not well thought-out and will be highly disputed, but fuck it). Purrp's become quite the character in the past couple years, so it feels even funnier saying this now, but please believe me when I say this is the meanest, most serious mixtape about swag and rhyming bitch with shit with bitch with dick you will ever hear. The NASA Mixtape is endearing and honestly a little silly, but it has groove, it has heat, and I swear that even 4 years after hearing it for the first time, I still pick up on little details he's thrown into his production that blow my fucking mind.