January 26, 2017

Spice 1 - AmeriKKKa's Nightmare (1994)

Spice 1 continues to make a case for himself as the hardest rapper to come from the Frisco bay area on his third album, AmeriKKKa's Nightmare. Other than a few subtle nods to Los Angeles style bass melodies, the general aesthetic is just a straight continuation from his previous two albums; there is absolutely nothing wrong with that seeing as Spice 1 still has the spark and edge that made him a national sensation the previous year. I think AmeriKKKa's Nightmare is a little more chilled out than his other works from the early 90s. While I love slow-groving mobb jams, I think Spice displays more gripping performances on albums with intense atmospheres like 187 He Wrote. Still, that's just my personal preference, and it might change a year from now. So yeah, there are a handful of cooled-out bay area albums I'll throw on before AmeriKKKa's Nightmare, but I do revisit this once every little while if I want a dope changeup to my normal listening routine.