February 21, 2017

Hot Boys - Guerrilla Warfare (1998)

Yes, it's been decided. This is my favorite Cash Money album. Flaming out of control. I used to say Chopper City In The Ghetto was my favorite from the label, but I was in an exceptionally great mood the first time I heard it and my judgment has been riding on nostalgic feelings since then. While I still think the solo Hot Boys joints are classics and up there in my personal rankings, nothing has quite held up over the years for me like Guerilla Warfare. In my eyes, there is not a better collection of Mannie Fresh beats and the Hot Boys give what might be the best Louisiana rap performance of all time. Get It How U Live is exceptional, but second time around proves best for this young crew as they've had time to really nail down their flows and interactions. I've now joined Jody in saying Tha Carter is Wayne's best lyrical showcase, but check this though, as much as I love Wayne, I have to admit his delivery is tiring to my ears. Nothing wrong with Wayne, just how it wears on me personally (E-40 and even Juvenile are the same for me). Since that's the case, it is nice to have Weezy neutralized by a skilled supporting cast who each represents a unique style. I don't know, I have nothing more to really say because I've described the Mannie Fresh style a million times (as a million other people have); just wanted to say I think this is the best from the Cash Money crew.


Guerilla Warfare