February 8, 2017

Mack D.L.E. - Level 6 (1993)

I have a vague memory of listening to either the first few tracks from Level 6 or Level 7 and not really getting down because of how basic the music was (also I'd probably listened to like 10 underground Memphis tapes beforehand that same day and was most likely just worn out). I think the album has found its way into my heart now though. It is halfway through my miserable spring break, the weather is getting hotter and hotter with no air conditioning, and about the only thing I really want to hear at 11pm (before I start my long night sitting in front of my computer doing nothing) is the lovable dryness of one of the most ghetto hip hop tapes out there. Mack D.L.E. is no Skinny Pimp or C-9 on the mic, but he's actually pretty charismatic with these simple beats. The rings on these 808 kicks are actually dope through the shit recording/dub quality. The extra simple synth lines and vocal samples are well placed and keep this super underground tape jumping the whole time. Level 6 kind of reminds me of the early DJ Glock and DJ Sound tapes, maybe not quite as original, but still dope as hell. Overall a pretty rhythmic tape with Mack D.L.E. helping develop the Memphis flow Lord Infamous, Eightball, and Skinny Pimp started which would take over the city in the following years. This tape seems like it may have been pretty influential and people look it over.