April 10, 2017

187 Fac - Fac Not Fiction (1997)

187 Fac was an underground rap duo from East bay California who got their chance to put down a professional studio debut when Spice 1 took them under his wing as executive producer. Fac Not Fiction has a gang of dope production features topped by the Frisco bay legends Mike Mosley and Ant Banks. The instrumentals are dominated by typical bay area bass synths and high-riding synths, but by the late 1990s, the distinct Bay sound was moving towards a more lavish and playa-type vibe with more Fender Rhodes chords and bells thrown in the mix. This gives the music a definte Houston influence, or maybe vice-versa because I always thought albums like Sailin Da South or Thought Of Many Ways had a distinct Cali feel. While early Botany and E.S.G. are very comparable to this album, Fac Not Fiction obviously sounds most like the other late-90s bay area kings, 3X Krazy and Luniz, though they are certainly much more under-appreciated for some reason. The rapping is definitely close in quality to the quick-tongued funk being put down by the aforementioned groups; at times sounding similar to underground Midwestern g-funk, which I guess their scene influenced to some extent as well. I get some Dayton Family vibes from the flows on some of these tracks and a lot of the vocal overdubbing techniques in particular, if nothing else. A steady pulse of mobby g-funk to cruise with during the spring and summer months. Under-rated? No doubt, actually I think it's a pretty essential piece of California hip hop.


Fac Not Fiction