April 14, 2017

Index - The Index (1967)

A cult legend of an album in American underground rock music; quintessential hipsterism. If you thought you were cool for liking The Sonics, just know that you'll have 10 times more sex appeal if you know about The Index. I don't even think James Murphy (of LCD Soundsystem) was 'there' for this band. The Sonics, but with a lot more psychedelia; the 13th Floor Elevators, but with a lot more surf and muddiness. If you enjoy the darker side of 1960s American psychedelia like White Rabbit or The End, then you'll love The Index's neurotic, lo-fi, reverbed-up droning. One of those garage records that only got famous in the 1980s for its influence on underground culture (can connect the dots between this and my personal favorites Crazy Rhythms and You're Living All Over Me). I might have been making jokes a few sentences ago, but I'm really glad this was unearthed because it's a seriously awesome and consistent album.


The Index