April 16, 2017

LFO - Frequencies (1991)

Electronic music is cool, but I don't have an affinity to the stuff as I do rap and jazz. There are probably a half-dozen albums from this genre with which I vibe out all the way through. The debut LFO album is one of those few. 808 State is my favorite electronic group ever, and LFO is the only band I've found to really do that drum machine dominated acid house sound at such a serious level. Frequencies is closer in comparison to the 808 State debut, Newbuild, as they're holding darker, moodier, and sometimes even harsher grooves closer to their guts for most of these tracks. When I review music from genres I know little about, I tend to base the whole write-up on comparisons. As such I don't want to lead on that LFO is just an 808 State knock-off because they are quite a bit different. Frequencies is overall more brainy music than what you'd hear from the other group with a more distinctive affiliation to ambient techno, or what some people might deem IDM. I'm not entirely sure which artists are considered the biggest influences in ambient-techno, but based on the small amount from the genre I've heard, I'd think LFO was right there with Richard D James in that regard. Frequencies is an awesome balance of a lovely synth-pad ambience and odd, funky drum programming on par with anyone else from the cerebral realm of electronic music.