May 30, 2017

Calsutmoran - Auditory Hallucinations (2016)

This dude chose his music alias from Erowid's DXM page, so you know his material is going to be legit right off the bat. I loved the moniker Calsutmoran and had no idea it is the name of an alien encountered by a few people while on a fourth plateau DXM trip until he told me where he got this. Calsutmoran falls within the Memphis revival umbrella, but like the rest of the producers in his and Dragg's Waistdeep Clique, he's really cut out a musical path dissimilar to anyone else in the movement. In a sense, his music is more influenced by psychedelia than it is Memphis hip hop and trap; about all of his track and album names have something to do with hallucinogenic phenomena and the material itself has quite the lucid punch to back it up. I've always thought that Young Thug and his most common producers, London and Metro, have created mixtapes with largely uncredited psychedelic vibes, but Calsutmoran takes the meaning of psychedelic trap to another level. His samples often feel spontaneous--in an almost Syd Barrett way--amidst etherel synths and non-stop floating trap hi-hats. His vocal samples are usually pushed far out with flangers and reverb to really put you in a dream state. Of course all this time in a true 'phonk' fashion, the 808 bass remains agressive and relentless to give those body vibes. Auditory Hallucinations is an album that's both accessible and deep; perfect to have with you whenever you're riding or tripping. This is just one of many Calsutmoran EPs. He's one of the most prolific artists out right now and releases an EP, usually built around its own hallucinogenic concept, every two months or less, so check him out. PS: you might as well cop his whole discog on his Bandcamp as it will be a lot cheaper for a fuck ton of material.