May 15, 2017

Mack Daddy Ju - Solo Tape (1995)

A lot of my biggest posts have been dedicated to the series of stellar mixtapes from the 1994 Triple 6 Mafia, but to tell you the truth, I wasn't even really into their style when I first got into the Memphis subgenre. It was actually the sound of muddy bootleg rips from DJ Zirk, DJ Squeeky, and Chilly D I was hunting for when I first started going on forum raids and downloading sprees. This faction of Memphis rap, while not even close to the grittiest from the city, had an even more intense punk and do-it-yourself aesthetic than Three 6 Mafia. The Mack Daddy Ju tape represents this sound to the fullest. DJ Squeeky's sampling is lean and mean; short-loop funk clips with high-riding synths, unique kick and snare fills, and of course trunk rumbling bass. Mack Daddy Ju's voice is calm and easy, along the lines of Shawty Pimp, but his staccato rhythm is more abrupt as he tends to rhyme a split second ahead of the beat, which I think works out okay for him. Ju raps about all things ghetto and devilish in a lyrical style very typical to the city; complete with references to chickenweed-induced psychosis and brutally unseaming trifling hoes. As far as the feature rapper's history goes, I'm not too sure. Based on the shoutouts, he's obviously either from Binghampton or somewhere in Whitehaven. I honestly don't listen to Gangstashit tapes very often anymore and I can't remember if I've heard him anywhere else. He drops shoutouts to Tom Skeemask and other Gangstashit/2 Thick members, so I'm sure he's a feature somewhere else (on Squeeky mixes for sure), but definitely a more obscure one at that.