May 14, 2017

Mayz Road Kartel - Blackout Presents: Mayz Road Kartel (1996)

Blackout Presents: Mayz Road Kartel is the official reissue of the underground Snubnoze Solo Tape (the notable subgroup of the Mayz Road Kartel). I'm pretty sure this is a 2000s issue only, but it also could have very well been a 1996 tape release following the Snubnoze Solo Tape, but I'm not 100% sure about this. The track titles are different (we can probably assume the track names for the Snubnoze tape rip are fan-made to begin with), the sequencing is different, and the skits are removed. I think all of these decisions are tasteful and make the reissue very beneficial. The sound quality is also enhanced, but the reissue still easily falls in the realm of lo-fi. The beats are typical of Blackout and are essentially an extension of the work he did for the main Snubnoze/Mayz Road member, Guice: ashed-out Korg X3 synth layering and synthesized grand piano/slap bass g-funk lines. The posse is a perfect match for these beats with their somber raps about the Memphis ghetto and the fucked up system in place. Unlike many of the rappers in Blackout's other affiliation, Playa Posse, Snubnoze takes their time with their rapping, saying all of their words with deep weight, an approach similar to Playa Fly's post-Three 6 style. Out of all the classic Blackout productions, Mayz Road Kartel (Snubnoze Solo Tape) is my third favorite after the legendary Ashes Off My Blunt and Dreamworld. A must for anybody who wants to grasp a deadened, inverted g-funk sound--the sonic equivalent of greyscale.


Mayz Road Kartel / Snubnoze Solo Tape Rips