June 2, 2017

Calsutmoran - Emerge From The Mist (2017)

Emerge From The Mist is one of Calsutmoran's most recent EPs and it's guaranteed to melt your body; the first track alone is the musical equivalent of hydroflouric acid raining down on you by the gallon. It seems the more Cal's production career goes on the more he turns up his kicks. Relatively speaking, he's adopted a phonk-ier and more abrasive sound since the days of his 5 Dimensional Mr. Bones EP when he was all about slick psych-trap. I'm not sure what their relationship is like or if they've had any direct influence on each other, but at this point it sounds like Apoc Krysis and Calsutmoran are engaged in a friendly battle of who can turn their kicks up the loudest. Cal's music is still bound to his signature ethereal vibes, but so far this year he's bringing those mechanized and borderline industrial sounds. I doubt I'm off-base when I assume that Calsutmoran's goal is to make his audience think these pieces are produced by aliens, and he's successful in leaving that impression. As I hinted at above, Emerge From The Mist feels like an envelope for the brainfuck of the first track--The Sideshows, but the other inclusions are consistent in style and are also dope as hell. Calsutmoran has released longer and more thorough EPs and albums, but Emerge From The Mist shouldn't be slept on by any means.