June 10, 2017

Détente - Recognize No Authority (1986)

I heard of this album from an old interview with Fenriz of Darkthrone where he drunkenly talks about how he digs through obscure thrash metal records to find forgotten great vocalists. Recognize No Authority was one of the albums he used as an example. He describes the instrumentation/composition as only decent and the vocals as fantastic. Well I don't disagree with him about the vocals; when he mentioned that there was a female singer for this album, I knew I was going to have to listen as soon as possible. Dawn Crosby is her name and her singing style (also the lyrics) lends itself to the punk ethos. I'm not really sure what constitutes as crossover thrash (hardcore punk mixed with thrash metal), but I bet this is pretty close. Compared to thrash metal legends like Slayer and Metallica, I guess this isn't really on the same level, especially in the eyes of a metal history expert such as Fenriz. Still, the comparison is kind of unfair because Slayer is simply from another planet and Détente assumes a more traditionally punk attitude, so when I compare this stuff to the sloppy aesthetic of Black Flag, Saint Vitus, or Melvins it feels more than competent. At the same time, I can only imagine if this girl did the singing for the classic Slayer albums. If you're a fan of classic 1980s thrash metal or the more metal-inspired SST repertoire, you've got to check this out.


Recognize No Authority