June 7, 2017

Sacramentum - Far Away From The Sun (1996)

Far Away From The Sun is one of my top five favorite black metal albums and definitely my favorite so far in what I've heard from the less lo-fi realm. Fans like to throw shade at Sacramentum for doing stuff similar to the most well-known melodic black metal band, Dissection, but I actually prefer this album to anything in Dissection's discography. Skill-wise and compositionally, Dissection might take the cake, but that's not all there is to making good metal. I respect them, but I think they sometimes go a little too over-the-top with their flashy melodies and song structure changes. I don't know, I guess it could be fun, but the guitar work in their music always gives me Dragonforce vibes. Far Away From The Sun is more subdued than either The Somberlain or Storm Of The Light's Bane, but it's not like this compromises the band's ability to make skillful, catchy, and powerful black metal. Aside from being less wank-ish, I also think Sacramentum is the better group because the vocals sound less cheesy and the guitar tones feel heavier. Far Away From The Sun is a legendary melodic black metal album, but it still doesn't seem to get the same kind of love from entry-level lists as it should, so definitely check this out.


Far Away From The Sun