June 4, 2017

Teflon - Westwood Click (1995)

Westwood Click is one of the best dirt-quality Memphis hip hop tapes. It is credited to the Graveyard Productions affiliate Teflon, but it functions as a posse album. I guess it's like the Skinny Pimp/Gimisum albums where it's a posse junt credited as a Skinny solo tape. It's also possible that this is a Teflon solo compilation made up of his features on GYP albums, but I am pretty sure these are mostly exclusive cuts with the exception of Black Magic, which also appears on The Havoc (I can't remember all the Lil Grimm/GYP/Children Of The Corn songs off the top of my head, plus the fan-made song names don't help in tracking down overlaps). As for Westwood Click, I am not sure if this is a general name for Graveyard Productions and their affiliates, a nickname, a subgroup, or a parent group, but I don't think there's anything too problematic in assuming it's all essentially the same thing.

Westwood Click is basically just another Children Of The Corn album. It has a bunch of the members as vocal features: most notably Red Dog with a killer set of verses on Black Magic. Grimm's production is haunting and super lo-fi. It sounds like the posse recorded this album, dubbed a bootleg, went and buried it in the woods by some Mississippi swamp, waited three years, and then dug it up--much like the Children Of The Corn 'Single' tape. With its violent lyrics, scary film samples, and themes of witchcraft, the album makes for a prime example of horrorcore, especially of the Memphis flavor. Unlike a lot of the other under-underground Memphis cassettes, Westwood Click isn't semi-forgettable or helped along by its endearing qualities. It's certainly lo-fi and almost completely lost to history, but the rapping and beats are A-grade material.


Westwood Click