July 17, 2017

Calsutmoran - Plateau Sigma (2017)

Yet another ferocious and alien mixtape by spacephonk's leading producer, Calsutmoran. Plateau Sigma is a unique DXM plateau (or non-plateau) caused when you ingest a few specifically spaced-out doses in order to have an extra strange and extra long trip. I'm not sure if that's the central theme Cal had in mind when recording this or just a dope name for an EP, but regardless--hip hop always needs more DXM and dissociative references. Between this album and Bend The World (his other most recent cassette) Calsutmoran keeps moving away from his older work based in Nexus synth lines and ambient space samples into a more mechanical world. The opener sounds like the final evolutionary form of SpaceGhostPurrp's music circa the NASA Mixtape days. The second song features Cal's click-mate Agnarkea, and you can tell the latter is adding plenty of his own loony flavor; the beat has me feeling like I got 16 ounces of syrup burning in my belly. I think that these are the main attractions of this 5 track package, but the others are dope and distorted craziness teetering off into the avant-garde as well. I'm sure anybody looking for something brand new will love this.

Plateau Sigma