July 1, 2017

Field Mice - For Keeps (1991)

For Keeps is the final album by the essential twee pop band, The Field Mice. They have two other albums, Snowball and Skywriting, but I haven't heard those and won't be able to compare. I really like this stuff though. I was never entirely sure of what twee pop was; before this I figured it was exclusive to post-2000 shit that Pitchfork and the likes shipped. Not that Pitchfork idiots don't eat this music up, but it's got a genuine foothold in the 80s and 90s alt-pop scenes that I love. The music is like sultry 60s psych pop/baroque pop/sunshine pop, albeit more moody and given a slacker 80s attitude. A distant Feelies derivative for sure, though the sound is slower and moodier and closer to that of The Church and Close Lobsters all the way over to Slowdive. I love the male/female vocal pairing, although I would have loved to hear the guy vocalist as more of a secondary singer. All of the songs are great, but a few start to go on for a little too long and drone on the same soft guitar notes for eternity. Sometimes that can be a good thing though, depending on my mood.


For Keeps