August 28, 2017

Lil Uzi Vert - Luv Is Rage (2015)

Luv Is Rage is where Lil Uzi Vert put himself on the map and stepped up the pace of his career. His full-length album debut just dropped this week and he's been all the rage, so I've got to back and listen to all his mixtapes in full (there's always a 2 year delay when it comes to me and contemporary music). I've seen Uzi passed off as a gimmicky Young Thug copy, but that really just comes from the people with an inexplicable hate towards this second generation trap scene. Like with any genre, a person will be better poised to see what makes Uzi great and different from his contemporaries if they already have a spot in their heart for the style of music he's making. Lil Uzi is poppy and isn't as boisterous of a rapper as Young Thug, but he lets his softer delivery speak towards his own unique tastes; I can see why people would think this is corny, but I love the nerd flavor in his music/aesthetic. No, he's not the most incredible thing to ever happen in rap music, but I don't think these haters recognize how versatile and melodic this dude is. The original Luv Is Rage is a very solid mixtape; it opens as hard as any other project from this time period as far as I remember, but the hour length really begins to drag on this one. The first half has a lot of brilliant melodies and hooks before the mixtape seemingly shifts gears into the feel of a datpiff filler junt. It's not like the second half completely shits the bed, but Uzi kind of goes into autopilot and the beats--while conceptually great--don't end up fleshing out into the legit song structures that Uzi needs to be his best. This problem was doctored up for the more cohesive and even more interesting Luv Is Rage 2, which I'll share soon.