October 6, 2017

The Jayhawks - Hollywood Town Hall (1992)

I would only recommend Hollywood Town Hall after you've heard Jayhawks' subsequent album, Tomorrow The Green Grass--or to anyone with an unparalleled love for 80s and 90s alt-country. Green Grass is more melodically varied and memorable, making it a better album for people to discover the group's incredible harmonies and atmosphere. When you begin enjoying the follow-up, come back to Hollywood Town Hall for more of the familiar sound. The two fantastic voices and nostalgic atmosphere is enough to make any bittersweet rock fan happy. The album's weakness is that almost all of the songs play out the same without breaking into any energetic streaks. If you haven't heard anything by The Jayhawks, don't let the alt-country tag fool you because the music is very rock oriented with just a tiny bit of country flavor thrown in--kind of like the subdued tracks from Wilco's Being There. If you're looking for an easy and reflective album to play on an autumn weekend while thinking about your past friendships, Hollywood Town Hall will be your go-to (or next in line after the follow-up). I did write a post for Tomorrow The Green Grass a while back, so check that out in the sidebar.