November 7, 2017

Asylum Party - Borderline (1989)

Asylum Party is one of those obscure European post-punk groups with only a handful of records to show for themselves. Their first full length album, Borderline, is the most well-known and now a cult favorite among hipster douchebags. This is the kind of music that instantly makes you cooler, but on top of that it's actually fantastic dark post-punk that you won't hear recommended very often. The Siouxsie & The Banshees similarity is obvious throughout while some late 80s Cure vibes are peppered in as well--most notably on the breathtaking album opener, so if you've overplayed those bands and are looking for a dope and more vintage feeling alternative, look no further. In addition to making a bittersweet stamp, Asylum Party also pushes the coldwave tag to its darkest and most desolate moments--especially on the track La Nuit, which is the most straight-up gothic instance on the album. The reverbed-up drums, bass driven melodies, and synth accents put me in the melancholy blizzard kind of mood each time I hear this, so go ahead and queue this find up for your winter playlist.