November 3, 2017

Will-Lean - The Chemist (2000)

Will-Lean brings the vibes to me more than anyone else in Botany Boys. Maybe it's because his voice is a little more colorful than the rest of the click, maybe it's because of his super suave name, or maybe for the "I'm ghetto fabulous, living lavishness, the words I manifest are harder than calculus" heard on the cult flow session video, but the only important thing here is that Will-Lean is usually that dude bringing the tracks home for everyone. The man sticks like glue to every beat and his high pitch voice (vaguely similar to Boosie) helps him put extra spirit behind each bar. Even though he's one of my favorite Houston rappers, I didn't know that this junt existed until today; it's a shame, but I guess this is my musical social security. The Chemist is a solo mix made up of non-group album tracks and features; not an entirely new solo album built from the ground up around Will-Lean. Don't let this disappoint you since it's a free pass to hear 15 tracks with a guaranteed verse from Will; also, an artist would only ask the Botany Boys for features if their track was already bound to be incredible. As any Houston rap fan would expect, the beats are jamming, easy, and lavish exercises in modern funk and heavily built on 80s synth styles--virtually impeccable. If you can deal with a nothing-less-than absolutely fire compilation of under appreciated Houston rap tracks from the late 90s, then this download is right for you. Since I obviously did not generate this folder--it's a $200 CD--I can't be sure if it's an actual rip of the original disc or a compilation someone made from existing songs on the internet. As such, I have no idea which masters are used (if they were even different to begin with).

Sample (Verse 3)

The Chemist