December 1, 2017

The Black - The Priest Of Satan (1994)

The Priest Of Satan is a little too typical lo-fi Scandinavian black metal, but that could be either a good thing or a bad thing depending on the listener. For instance, the riffs on this are some of the most average to come from the second wave, but that doesn't mean the execution isn't pretty damn good. This is because the album is led by the young and already very competent Dissection vocalist/guitarist, Jon Nödtveidt. The Priest Of Satan exhibits darker and sludgier sounds than what's heard on Storm Of The Light's Bane or The Somberlain, and I think that curious people who are fans of those albums should definitely check this out. Death metal elements are heavily present and while I'm not usually into that style, I often come back to this whenever I'm in the kind of mood for a solid deathened black metal album. A problem that goes hand-in-hand with the averageness of the riffs is that more than half of the tracks simply feel too short (or too underdeveloped), which makes the record drag if I'm not in the absolute perfect state of mind. Fortunately in this case, the two best songs--the title track and closer--appear at the very end and make the album experience a little bit better. Also, I never get too excited over synths in black metal, but this is a rare case where I would like to hear even more as the few brief atmospheric accents take the music to another realm of iciness. As a whole, The Priest Of Satan isn't anything super incredible to me, but it's something you all might want to throw into your rotation.