January 6, 2018

Juicy J & Lex Luger - Rubba Band Business 2 (2011)

The second Rubba Band Business is one of the most essential tapes in contemporary trap history and if it wasn't for Flockaveli, this mixtape would stand as influential producer Lex Luger's crown jewel. Actually, in my opinion, I think that this is pound-for-pound better than Flockaveli. Lex Luger fights only half the battle, however, as Juicy J continues his return to one of the dopest second winds in music history. The iconic Memphis rapper and DJ rewrites his motto and plan-of-attack for this series of mixtapes. It's not a complete 180 for the Juice, but I guess he no longer felt the pressure or need to keep remaking late 90s/early 00s Three 6 Mafia club hits and was freed to do whatever-the-fuck fun shit he wanted to do. The beats are charged-up and among Lex's best work, but they're still mostly built off arpeggios and arpeggiators and not heavily mixed, leaving the hooks and clever punches from Juicy J as the true key to success. The album starts off hot as hell before taking a little dip from tracks 6 to 9 (not bad tracks by any means, just slower and non-Lex produced oddballs); after that brief pause, the tape lights the universe on fire right up to track 28. Rubba Band Business 2 is the most quotable and consistent party rap album ever made and arguably the best Trap-A-Holics style mix out there.