January 12, 2018

Mr. Doctor - Setripn' Bloccstyle (1995)

Mr. Doctor is a forgotten Sacramento rapper, which is weird given his affiliation with Brotha Lynch Hung. I guess what happened was the Doctor had a falling out with Brotha Lynch over a potentially set-up snitch jacket, leaving him to go solo and never really reach this level of dopeness again. I don't think he's marked by some crazy case like X-Raided, Sicx, or C-Bo either, leaving the kids in my generation to do an extra leg of research to find his music. Brotha Lynch makes just about all of the beats for this debut and comes as hard as he did with his own album from the same year. The production is mobby, but real dark and spaced out the way it straddles a typical bay area sound with the ominous flavor of DJ U-Neek. Mr. Doctor hugs each beat and coolly delivers gangsterism stories with a quick and sly tongue. There's not a whole lot of horrorcore or ripgut happening (even on the Brotha Lynch verses), but Mr. Doctor is hard in his own way of delivering gangsta rap. Setripn' Bloccstyle is one of the northern California classics and if there was more music of this level coming from Sacramento, it would sure be my favorite hip hop city.


Setripn' Bloccstyle