February 10, 2018

Young Bleed - My Balls And My Word (1998)

My Balls And My Word is an anomaly in the string of classic No Limit albums: Beats By The Pound are not the main producers, the runtime is under an hour, and there's an absence of typical repertoire features. My hypothetical reasons for why My Balls And My Word is different than other No Limit records of the era is because, one: this was early in 1998 and the formula hadn't been completely developed yet, and two: because Young Bleed was already a part of his own locally successful crew that was simply engulfed by Master P, KLC, and the No Limit monster. Despite less involvement than usual, Master P was still sure to leave his stamp on the album, giving it the iconic No Limit feel without 90 minutes of atrocious TRU features. Young Bleed comes with a chill range of dynamics on the microphone and sounds like a seasoned gangster. I think the coolness in his voice is most similar to midwestern g-funk, but his flow also has a good deal of similarities to B.G., Turk, and Soulja Slim. Bleed's verses aren't going to blow you away at first listen, but the more you rotate this album, the deeper his words will start to sit in your mind. Most of these tracks are produced by Happy Perez, a guy (outside of Beats By The Pound) who was previously affiliated with Young Bleed. He does a fantastic job and shows why he had a strong career after helping this album go gold. There are no glaring differences in style between his beats and the usual No Limit supply, but credit needs to be given for "How You Do That There"; an absolute masterpiece when it comes to minimal hip hop production.